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500,000 people in China go missing every year – new study

Have you read this recent article on CNN that 500,000 elderly people go missing in China every year? That number is insane!?

What does this number of missing people tell us? It tells us that there is a massive organization that is targeting elderly individuals within the borders of China? Is anyone really that surprised about an agency of this type existing in China? No, but the large number of missing people is staggering. So many questions are raised when you are talking about that many (excuse me for saying) bodies.

If we are putting numbers to an operation of elderly snatchers then let’s give some rough estimates:

  • IF 500,000 total people
  • then 1,300 people missing a day
  • then AT LEAST 78 ground teams (assuming that they would have a 3-person team (driver, two snatchers))
    • OR there are hundreds of sites where they are attracting the now missing individuals
  • then hundreds of scouters. What amount of people are dedicated
  • then sophisticated software that is profiling and determining which individuals need to be taken
  • then hundreds of people responsible for disposing of the remains
  • then large dumping sites with massive amount remains

How are we missing these operations and sites in China where remains end up?

China has long been accused of operations that are morally questionable. They are fierce world competitors that rarely play by the rules. Just look at their history in the Olympics and you’ll be able to gather a number of ways they have tried to cheat.

So, what is their incentive on this latest report of missing persons? Boost their GDP per person? Reduce the ballooning cost of an aging population? Save on healthcare costs? I just can’t wrap my head around this right now.

Whatever the motivation, the situation is sad and needs to stop.


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Source: 500,000 elderly people go missing in China every year

Updated 6:38 AM ET, Wed October 12, 2016

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Democrats tell a better story than Republicans

Democrats tell a better story than Republicans


I didn’t say Democrats tell a more correct story than Republicans. Or that their plans will work out better or having a Democrat in office is preferred. No, Democrats just tell a better story than their Republican counterparts.

Democrats make their audience feel good about what they are doing, focusing on hope. Whereas Republicans make their audience feel fear.

I liken the political rhetoric of Democrats to stories of love, acceptance, and always optimistically looking over the horizon. Stories like:

But No Elephants

Too Many Toys

These type of stories inspire people but don’t always translate into reality or they may not factor in long term consequences.

How do Democrats tell a better story though?

Hands down, Democrats are better at talking with the people. They connect more on issues that voters care about and experience on a daily basis. It’s also no coincidence that liberals hit on points that are more shareable (social media wise and word of mouth) among Americans. They strum on progressive chords that are easy for people to get behind. They sell hope, not practicality.

Republicans, on the other hand, tell their story like the tales we’ve heard our ancestors tell. Their stories contain fear and use words like ‘crisis,’ ‘debt,’ ‘war,’ and other negative phrases. For example, Republican stories play out like:

Hansel and Gretel

Three Little Pigs

Lion King

They teach “don’t do this/that or else” type stories that stress grave consequences. For, these types of stories are meant to strike a level of fear in order to convince the reader that they need to plan for the worst. These stories aren’t wrong – they just don’t often connect with people.

Republicans seem like old, negative record players that keep saying the same thing. As much as most of us like to admit, a broken record is right a lot of the time – just no one wants to listen to them.

Even though most people don’t want to believe it, spending and creating bloated government programs will eventually be our one of country’s demises. However, being an ultra conservative country all the time has its issues too. So, what is the recommended solution?

Checks and balance is healthy, not limiting.

We need to embrace both types of stories that we are being told. Really, the checks and balance system created by the founding fathers of the US should be welcomed with open arms. For, checks and balances are in place so we can tell one side to “hurry up” on social issues and “slow down” on spending to the other.

It is healthy to have offsetting opinions in the three branches of government to keep everyone in check. A government that is run by a single political party is dangerous. No one is in a position to call out the other opposition in order to keep dealings fair and for the American people.

Ideally, we should have a few terms of a Democrat or progressive president. And then a few terms of a conservative and fiscally minded Republican president (with offsetting senates, houses of representatives, and judges).

The liberal president could usher in social change and build programs to take care everyone from A to Z within the American borders. Then a conservative president could tinker with programs and taxes to ensure we are within budget. Then it could cycle back to a liberal.

The last 24 years have been back and forth with 8-term Presidents of the United States, but this year will the first time since Reagan/Bush that there are 3 straight terms from the same party.

This election is especially interesting because deficits are high, which should be a ripe year for a Republican to take the Oval Office. However, Donald Trump isn’t giving anyone confidence in his ability to lead.

I guess the moral of the story is to not vote just because someone tells a better story or focuses on hope instead of consequences. Vote based on where you want America to go. What are your thoughts?

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BYU fans need to give Sitake, Detmer and Tuiaki 3 years. Just chill this season.

BYU fans need to give Sitake, Detmer and Tuiaki 3 years. Just chill this season.


BYU fans need to back up from their keyboard… for a year. A good goal for this season would be to let the coaches and players do their thing. Let Kalani Sitake, Ty Detmer, and Ilaisia Tuiaki coach without getting unjustified heat from fans. Most importantly, coaches and players should avoid Cougarboard altogether.

Cougarboard breeds discontent, speculation, and an overall negative fan experience. Nothing good comes from a bunch of anxious and fired-up zealots that are only fed minimal details about their team. I laugh every time I see someone claim that they have an “inside source.” Cougarboarders realize that many of those inside source accounts are just messing with them, right?

Although I referenced CB specifically, this point isn’t exclusive to Cougarboard patrons. Fan boards have a ripple effect that can help or hurt the support of BYU Football. In general, the upside of fan websites when a team is winning is smaller relative to a larger downside when the team isn’t performing to expectations. Meaning, the enjoyment of following your team with fellow commenters is less than the anger and discontent that can be felt after losses. Are you really a better fan by joining a fan website?

BYU has an anxious fan base.

Truth -modern BYU fans have never been known to have a lot of patience. They got a taste of greatness with Lavell Edwards in the 1980’s. However, since the 80’s (and specifically the 1984 National Championship, Detmer’s Heisman, etc.), BYU has experienced an up and down results.

Even after Bronco restored BYU football to its winning ways (five 10 win seasons), BYU fans were calling for his head.

Not only did BYU win with Mendenhall, but Bronco was also a peach for the LDS administration. He ran the program exactly how it was drawn up by the Mormon church (kept priorities aligned). This is where Gary Crowton went wrong. He didn’t give enough wins to balance the lack of discipline of the program overall. The Honor Code violations seemed to be stacking up.

Now to the current situation. Detmer and Tuiaki are first time assistants. In fact, Detmer has only coached high school for 4 years. Will any of that translate into OC success? Sitake is a new head coach and will take some time to get used to pressures on and off the field. GIVE THEM TIME.

When can BYU fans call for a change?

BYU fans may feel justified with their discontent after 3 years of losses (if they there are significant losses)). Let’s be honest – the first year may be rough, but Mendenhall and Anae did not leave the cupboards bare.

In years 2 and 3, we should see adjustments as the new administration’s recruits start fitting in the designated roles. We will be able to see their recruiting and talent-developing abilities in time. After everything is in play, then we can start looking at the program with a more critical eye.

Brandon Doman is a sad part of BYU history. He came in with a similar (but less) hype as Detmer, but was run out a job in a short year. Doman was not given adequate time to adjust within his role. The biggest and scariest difference between Detmer and Doman is that Detmer has more to lose.

The current coaching and support staff has a lot of legacy players and big BYU names tied to it. Giving them time to gel into their roles could make or break the program. We don’t want big BYU names leaving with a bitter taste in their mouths (could ripple into a Rick’s College decision?).

If you don’t want to repeat history then step away from your keyboard as the Sitake era takes shape. See the positive and enjoy this year. Oh – and let’s stop talking about the Big 12.

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MMA is knocking out the WWE and professional wrestling.

MMA is knocking out the WWE and professional wrestling.


Professional wrestling is such an empty form of entertainment. It’s hyped to be an epic fight of massive athletes [cue fireworks, butt rock, and bikini women] … what a let down when you remember that is just an act.

Professional wrestling is like biting into big juicy burger and finding out it’s a veggie patty. Or biting into a oatmeal chocolate chip cookie only to find out it is oatmeal raisin instead. So disappointing.

MMA is gaining ground in the fight industry in regards to sponsors and TV air time. Fans are tuning in to see raw competitors duke it out and draw real blood. People want to see highly trained competitors that are looking knock out their opponent instead of a choreographed dance from the WWE.

Pro wrestling is even more of a letdown than an MMA fight that ends in 20 seconds. Yes, even when your PayPerView party cost you a pretty penny.

Many claim that the entertainment value of a pro wrestling fight that last several minutes is higher than a short MMA fight, but you would be wrong.

MMA dominates the online discussions

When was the last time you saw a pro wrestling fight dominate Twitter, Facebook or other social sharing site? Especially to the level of Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm or another similar fight (i.e. Conor McGregor)? Never?

Pro wrestling dominated the 80’s and 90’s, but we now have better options nowadays – fight options are available that don’t make us pretend it is a real fight. MMA has athletes that put their health on the line for the chance to win and entertain.

MMA knocks out any head to head matchup between the two sports and it’s not even close.

The only redeeming aspect of professional wrestling are the video games produced with recognizable stars (Hulk Hogan, etc.). For, pro wrestling still beats out MMA in terms of video game popularity.

Since Pro wrestlers in WWF and WWE are so marketed and hyped by the organizers, they are more recognizable (at least the wrestlers from the 80’s and 90’s) to gamers (Nintendo, Sega, and other consoles).

With the popularity of fights and fighters (Holly Holm, Ronda Rousey, Conor McGregor, etc.), MMA is catching up in popularity though. It will be only a few years before it dominates the fight scene completely.

Do you think MMA will dominate, while pro wrestling fades? Or do you think pro wrestling will keep its popularity?

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10 things that make being a father great.

10 things that make being a father great.

With Father’s Day approaching, I love to reflect on what makes fatherhood really special. For, it is a calling in my life that I fully embrace.

Over the years, I always knew I would have kids. However, I’ve had lingering anxious thoughts that I would screw things up as a father. It’s like I expected to be a deadbeat dad, a workaholic, or just plain suck at being father.

I was forever transformed the first time I held my baby though. I knew I was destined to enjoy fatherhood and try to provide the best upbringing for my children.

A son and a daughter later and things are going great. Sure, my kids are picky eaters, don’t listen to us, are messy, and all around are time consuming. However, I wouldn’t trade my situation or trade them any day. They are my world.

Here are 10 reasons that make being a father great:

  1. Having a shadow that is a living, breathing reflection of me. Hopefully my son will reflect the better side of me.
  2. Coming home and hearing my kids call for me… “Dad!? Dad!? Dad!” My wife always makes me happy when I come home, but she doesn’t light-up like my kids light-up.
  3. Learning to love animals and the various animal sounds. What noise does a giraffe make anyway? Hell if I know. Seeing my son play with our dog is so fulfilling.
  4. Re-experiencing the simple things of life again. I.e. Rain, swimming, slides, swings, ice cream, throwing rocks, climbing stairs, and so many other simple things that my kids are fascinated by.
  5. Getting excited about my kids’ small growth indicators as time goes by. I.e. My kids rolling over, crawling, walking, words, food, playing with others, hugs, etc.
  6. Engaging in sports again. Sports shouldn’t be about just loving to compete. Joy comes when your embrace everything about the sport. I have enjoyed learning the basics with my kids, buying equipment, going to games, following sports stars, wearing memorabilia, collecting items, and other ways to engage in the sport.
  7. Experiencing sounds again. My son gets an excited look on his face when a motorcycle or loud exhaust vehicle drives by. I now recognize these sounds more too because I know it is something my son loves.
  8. Napping is a luxury. I love naps more than ever… If I ever actually get around to one… I’m just glad when the get good naps.
  9. Vacationing and traveling has a greater meaning. I get excited to show my kids fun places. Sharing travel experiences increases the excitement for the destination and impacts my ability to better remember the good times.
  10. Seeing my kids succeeding in life. Sometimes the success is just witnessing them figure out a toy, finding a new friend, eating a certain food, saying a sentence, overcoming a trial, or just getting up and smiling when they fall down. It’s not that they only succeed, but that they overcome adversity.

What do you value in your role as a father or mother? What would you add to my list of the joys of fatherhood? I’d love to hear.

It sounds cliche, but one of my favorite “Dad shows” is Family Man with Nicholas Cage and Tea Leoni. It makes me realize that even though I am not rich, I can still be an amazing father.

Fatherhood is one of the most important things we can do and is also the most rewarding. I want to be surrounded by my loved ones when I pass away instead of feeling remorse over things I don’t do while my kids were little.

I hope you have a great Father’s Day!

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The right amount of jerk.

The right amount of jerk.


What is the right amount of jerk? And will that amount of jerk help you get farther in life? The jerks always seem to get the girls and raises at work.

We aren’t born with jerk tendencies. Being a jerk is a learned behavior that stems either from our upbringing or other life experiences. We ultimately decide how much jerk we want to be.

In life, if you are a nice person then you’re going to get walked on. Being a huge jerk isn’t much better because no one will listen to your mean rhetoric.

So, what is the right amount of jerk? Even though most of us don’t like to admit it, we all like a little jerkiness or snarkiness from our friends, family, and partners.

Benefits of being a jerk

Here are a few specific instances when being a jerk can help you. With dating, the right amount of jerk can move you from the “friend zone” to the datable zone. At work, the right amount of jerk can mean the difference between getting or not getting a raise.

Among your family, you won’t be the all-time babysitter and asked to give up all your nights off to look after nieces and nephews.

Among friends, you won’t have to drive all the time, host all the time or be the one to pick up the check.

While traveling, tourist salespeople won’t sell you on packages, upgrades or slip in extra charges.

While at the mechanic shop, they won’t charge you for unnecessary items or convince you to do more preventative maintenance.

With door to door salespeople, they will know you are serious when you say “no.”

On Black Friday or otherwise in shopping line, people are less likely to butt ahead if the see someone that is or might be a jerk. They want the nice people to cave to their cut in line.

There are benefits when you are the right amount of jerk. Be a huge jerk an all those benefits go away.

Do you listen to jerks more often than to nice people?

People that are ultra nice make me crawl in my skin. I get a sick feeling in my stomach when someone is overly complimentary. And it makes me question a person’s trustworthiness if they can’t admit to a shitty situation for what it really is.

In result, I probably trust ultra nice people less than jerks. Jerks rarely filter what comes out of their mouths. Rather than sugarcoating something, they tell it how it is.

Admittedly, some jerks mislead and bully others with their aggressive attitudes. For, some people are just jerks whether they’re trustworthy or not.

This advocate for jerkiness is making me sound like a pessimist, but I’m really not. I love people that build me and can be positive despite a rough situation.

However, positive people sometimes need to get real and vent sometimes too. A person that always wears rose-colored lenses is out of touch and will have a hard time relating to people. As long as you can get real every once and while, people will trust you.

We all need more people around us that aren’t afraid to call us out sometimes. Surrounding yourself with yes people that don’t contradict you occasionally can lead to mediocrity and groupthink (don’t think it only happens in corporations).

So, next time you have the desire to be the “nice person” and not help someone out with your opinion, think about the benefits of being the right amount of jerk.

People will respect you more when they know you are speaking the truth, even if you may come across as a jerk.

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I am a drug dealer for rats.

I am a drug dealer for rats.

Truly, I get too much satisfaction from giving drugs to my neighbor’s rats.

No, I’m not referring to my neighbor’s kids as rats. They’re not my favorite neighbor kids, but they aren’t rats. They are more of the “street urchin” type.

When I see signs of rats around my property, I revert back to when I was a little kid battling rodents our country property. Taking them out became more of a game than a chore. I would feed them cocktails and poison mixtures to keep them from infesting our barns.

Even today, I lock into strategy and attack mode when battling rats. I get so focused on taking out the rats that my wife thinks it is an obsession. She may be right. For, sometimes I wonder if I’ll miss the rats living next door when I fully obliterate them. Haha

In general, I use the black Tomcat box with their baiting cubes. This allows me to bait them without harming my son, Boston Terrier dog, and other birds that frequent my yard.

If the trap has been dormant for long, I’ll lace the cubes with peanut butter to draw them in. Bam! It worked and I had a dead rat body for evidence.

The other night I mixed up a poison cocktail of peanut butter, banana and Tomcat poison cubes. I’m just waiting for a hungry rat to think he’s getting an easy meal, not knowing he will actually be my next victim.

I also have an electrically charged trap that shocks them to death when they enter. This is reserved for inside my house so they aren’t poisoned and dying in a remote area and stink up my living space. Bam!

What is the source of rats on my property?

My neighbor’s have a 30 x 30 space that WAS basically a big junk pile. The infestation of rats was getting so bad that I was starting to see them in the daytime getting food! There were multiple tunnels and layers, basically a rat hotel.

I even killed a rat with a shovel that wouldn’t leave my dog alone. Whack! I was pretty proud of that hand to hand combat kill.

Because of the high number of rats last summer, I was serving up pounds of poison and they were eating it up. I was basically functioning as the rats’ Drug Lord… Except I wasn’t handing out marijuana or crack. I was a dealing a drug set on killing their clan.

I’m going to keep mixing my deadly cocktails and feeding as many rats that will eat it up. My wife is right. What will I do once the rats go away?

Do you have the same kind of obsession with defeating rats or rodents? Or do you have another hunt you can’t get enough of?

Do you have neighbor’s you don’t really like either?

Update: My killing campaign changed when I called the Utah Health Department. The infestation has lessened since then. I will start another battle… weeds are next!

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10 struggles of being a project manager

10 struggles of being a project manager

Being a project manager is not just a job, it is a disease. For, your project management skills aren’t left at the office. You take the obsessive compulsive planning (OCP) home with you and it becomes a fun sucker of those around you.

Some of my friends and family members appreciate that I project manage my personal activities but some definitely hate it. Who else is going to plan and help the family go round!?

Here are the 10 struggles of being a project manager for your personal life:

  1. You become way too familiar with herding cats… You know your cats’ tricks because you spend all day trying to control spacey copywriters and designers.
  2. You want to assign timelines to your relationships. Ambiguity is not your strength.
  3. You rethink processes all around you. You even theorize how your waiter could be more efficient. If he just would grab water on his every 3rd trip from the kitchen then my glass would consistently be full.
  4. You purchase apps or software that keeps your life running like clockwork. Budget apps, traffic apps, exercise apps, diet apps, etc. These apps make up the project management software of your life.
  5. You start seeing traffic as resource blocks that are clogging the workflow pipeline. If everyone didn’t overload certain lanes then traffic would flow smoothly and we’d all reach our respective deadlines… I mean destinations.
  6. You want a plan of action and to detail the events of a casual night out with your friends. Schedules and locations need to align or you just can’t have fun… Or until the drinks start flowing in your system anyway. Then who cares.
  7. You run your vacations like one week or two week sprints. Being a scrum master or agile manager, you want to make sure the team (or family in this case) is effectively working towards the definition of done with their trip planning and packing tasks.
  8. You send back grocery lists to your spouse like you send back incomplete briefs. How can I do the shopping without a full list that is prioritized and mapped out for minimal time in the grocery store?
  9. Your anger builds when someone thwarts your perfect plan. How do hippies live and just let things happen?
  10. You have contingency plans for everything. Planning something isn’t so simple, you need to think through ten options to make sure the plans don’t fall through.

What are some project manager habits that you use outside of work? Do people appreciate those habits or just think you’re a detail freak?

Do me a favor and hug a project manager if you are not one. Thanks for tuning in.

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Top 50 things I want to teach my daughter

Top 50 things I want to teach my daughter.


I just had my first daughter, which makes me a father of two now (boy and a girl). I recently wrote the top 50 things I wanted to teach my son, but wanted to do the same for my daughter. So, here is my list of the top 50 things I want to teach my daughter.


Writing the list, I was shocked about some of the things I wanted to teach my daughter. I tried to limit filtering by writing down what I truly thought instead of modifying (or watering down) the list in order to be politically correct. So, some of you may not agree with my list.

This list revealed that I have a strong traditional side. I’ve never considered myself liberal or conservative, but more of a moderate. However, when it came to my daughter, I became a protective and ruffled ol’ papa-bear.

All in all, I want to encourage my daughter to explore and be curious in order to find herself. This will hopefully lead her to build a life of happiness and not accept inequality (regardless of gender, race, roles and/or life duties chosen) or cave to societal pressures. Let me know what you think of my list:

Here are the top 50 things I want to teach my daughter:

  1. Don’t keep up with the Kardashians.
  2. You determine your worth. Your worth is not based on what others think or say about you.
  3. There is more to life than physical looks. Choose pizza and other things that make you happy.
  4. The media will bombard you about how you should look and act. Tune them out and find your own style. It’s exhausting to always be “on trend.”
  5. You are not your weight. Maintain healthy weight to ward off illnesses, diseases, and other ailments associated with weight gain. However, never obsess about your weight because of the societal pressures to be skinny.
  6. You never know what other people are dealing with. Be kind to everyone.
  7. Don’t let social media dictate your life. Share your life and be genuinely interested in others, but learn when to walk away from your SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
  8. Don’t hate on someone because they are more popular than you. First of all, your hate and attention to them only makes them more popular.
  9. Look up from your mobile devices often. The world is more exciting and interesting when you are living it. You miss the small things when you are focused on social media or texting friends.
  10. Buy flowers for yourself. Life is better with flowers and color. You don’t need to wait for someone else to buy them.
  11. Don’t judge. Give people the benefit of the doubt until they give you a reason to walk away. You don’t need to be naïve, but you should avoid being judgmental.
  12. Comparing yourself only leads to unhappiness. Focus on what you can do to improve yourself and your situation, not how you measure up to others.
  13. Don’t be afraid to move on from negative people, regardless if they are friends, coworkers, bosses, fellow church goers, and even family. You need positive influences in your life.
  14. Have children. Society is telling us more and more that kids are a nuisance. However, children will be the source of your most rewarding relationships.
  15. Be all about your family. Focusing on family is often unpopular. After all is done in this life though, family is the only thing we will have left. People come and go, jobs come and go, but we will always have our families.
  16. Don’t hold grudges. You are the one that suffers the most when holding a grudge.
  17. Pick your friends carefully. Friends will determine whether you have fun, drama, or loneliness in your early years.
  18. Pick friends that like you for who you are, not because of popularity or other fleeting characteristics.
  19. Choose forever friends and commit to have a lifelong friendship with them. They will help you in hard times and celebrate with you in good times.
  20. Choose a career that you love. Choose something that makes you feel surprised that people will pay you to do it because you enjoy it so much.
  21. Dream big for the future you desire. Whether that desire is a career, motherhood, or world domination.
  22. Set goals and steps to reach your dreams. Don’t just think up what you want. Write them down.
  23. Choose education and self improvement over waiting for the “right one.” Don’t wait to start school or start living because you expect to be married young or taken care of financially in the future.
  24. Don’t settle, but don’t get so picky that you skip living and learning.
  25. Modesty in dress isn’t popular but it is the right choice. Intentions are often derived from the way a person is dressed.
  26. Have religion in your life. Having a reason to hope or believe can lead to greater happiness.
  27. Make a good first impression with everyone you meet. You never know what opportunities you might miss out on by botching first impressions.
  28. With that said about first impressions, don’t be fake with your appearance or personality. Strive to be your best and people will want to be around you.
  29. Never let anyone tell you that you are less than them. We are all equals.
  30. Don’t go to all your high school dances with the same guy. No one wants to see the same person over and over in pictures when they’re older.
  31. Be careful about dating older guys. Many prey on younger girls because they may have more pliable wills. Look for someone that considers you an equal and respects others.
  32. A perfect selfie is often taken on the first picture because it is authentic. Too much positioning, filtering, and otherwise altering is just for show.
  33. Choose role models that are true examples, not just because they are popular celebrities. Role models shouldn’t be nationally visible figures unless they are truly amazing.
  34. It is not shameful or embarrassing to admit you have depression, anxieties or other ailments. You need to be honest about them in order to treat them and recover.
  35. Be self-reliant, but know your limits. Being overwhelmed never benefited anyone.
  36. Asking for help is not the same as asking for a handout. Sometimes letting someone help is letting them show their love.
  37. Choose a sport. Having fun while getting exercise will be a valuable asset later in life.
  38. Learn how to compete gracefully. Competition fuels growth and ensure you will not be settling in life.
  39. You don’t need to be a ditzy girl to attract a guy. Or don’t cheat for anyone to gain someone’s love and acceptance.
  40. Travel. Experiences are more valuable than clothes and shoes you can buy.
  41. Choose magnets, stickers, mugs or at least one small tchotchke (preferably the same type of tchotchke each time) to bring home from a vacation. They’ll bring back fun memories.
  42. Don’t worry about love early on. It will come in time. Spending too much time on love early impedes progress because it can be a distraction. Too much focus on love in high school can lead to drama, unnecessary heartache and even trouble.
  43. Know your love language(s). You will better understand why you feel loved by some and not as much by others.
  44. Know your partner’s love language. Use it often to make sure they know they are loved. Only showing love in the same way you feel love does not always translate well.
  45. Focus on improving yourself instead of expecting others to change.
  46. Your wedding will be perfect, don’t over stress.
  47. Remember that Bridezilla is a negative term. Some consider it as a badge of honor.
  48. Forgive fast and often.
  49. Always keep your mother and siblings close and consider them your best friends.
  50. Serve or otherwise show love to your family and friends. Words can be said by anyone, but showing love by doing is best.

Thanks for tuning into my list of 50 things I want to teach my daughter today! Let me know if you have any that should added to the list. I would love to know what you consider important that I did not include in my list.

Happy Father’s day everyone!

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10 ways you may be annoying others in movies.

10 ways to annoy someone during movies or TV shows.

Movies can be great mediums that help you disconnect from reality for a bit… However, this is only achievable if you and others around you allow it. Unfortunately, many fellow movie-goers in theaters can be extremely annoying during films.

Does it make it worse or better to know that these movie-goers likely don’t know how bad they are really are? This list may shed some light on our movie-watching behaviors to determine if you are the annoying person in the theater.

Etiquette in movies is important!

Here are the top 10 ways you can annoy (on purpose or not on purpose) someone during movies:

  1. Use a mobile device or anything that projects light a the dark theater. There’s nothing like being distracted at a crucial moment in the film by someone checking Instagram, Facebook, or sending a SnapChat.
  2. Talk during the movie. It is especially enjoyable when someone theorizes out loud about the plot or film’s conclusion.
  3. Handle plastic candy packages carelessly. Movie theaters sell candy in a box for a reason. In addition, if you have plastic candy wrappers then we all know you snuck in candy.
  4. Chew loudly, constantly, or otherwise make gross food noises. Nom nom.
  5. Clap, cheer, or otherwise celebrate during the film. Some may not agree that this is annoying but I think it is. It’s distracting and often overshadows dialogue during that time.
  6. Give away important parts of the storyline or indicate a spoiler is approaching (whether something is or isn’t really going to occur).
  7. Get distracted and ask your neighbor to catch you up on the details you missed. I unfortunately do this to my wife with movies and TV shows at home (sorry!). However, I know not to do it during movies in the theater.
  8. Say “Pssh,” “Yeah right,” “Whatever,” or make other sarcastic noises during parts of the film. Although the scene may be horrible, keep it yourself and blog about it later.
  9. Fidget, squirm, or move excessively. To make it worse, wear a plastic gym suit or squeaky shoes to amplify the noise.
  10. Get up and cross in front of the screen a few times throughout the movie, bumping into everyone on your row.

What behaviors annoy you during movies and TV shows? Don’t think that you are immune to having an annoying behavior. We can decide today to be mindful of others and strive to not annoy those sitting around us. Do it!

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